Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fly away with tea

Each tea session is an opportunity to escape your daily occupation and routines. Ancient Chinese scholars and officials already enjoyed their tea with a very poetic spirit and lots of symbolism in the accessories they chose. For instance, bamboo stood for the strength to bend but not break under the pressures of life. A pine tree was for eternal friendship, because its leaves always remain green...

It's in this symbolic and poetic mood that I'm enjoying my 2014 Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu. With its warm summer aromas, I hope to escape from the cold feeling of winter. 
Considering its high oxidation and low roasting level, I choose a porcelain teapot to emphasize its fragrances.
On the top of this Chabu, we can see eagles flying in the sky. This powerful bird inspires altitude and decisiveness. Taking a short break isn't being idle. It's stepping back to obtain a higher view of what we're doing. What is important and what not? And then act accordingly.
There's also a small bird on the pewter caddy! This one seems more playful. I feel free (like a bird).
On the copper Chatuo, we see the Chinese mandarins' favorite bird: the elegant and long crane.
This chatuo hold my 'dragon' cup, another flying animal with magic powers!
Lush vegetation is also present with this celadon bowl and its light incised decoration.
As I finish my tea session, I start to eat a couple of French macarons, flown directly from Paris! Tea friends surprised me with these delicious, sweet gifts (merci beaucoup!)
Their refined aromas provide a new escape to the realm of Western pastries, where Oriental Beauty is such a natural partner.
Fly high and away with great tea!

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