Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Da Yu Ling

Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong
Origin: Da Yu Ling (2200 m)
Harvested by hand on October 7th, 2014.
Process: low oxidized, rolled, not roasted Oolong.

Few leaves. Brewed with filtered water, heated in a silver kettle and poured into a gold plated silver teapot. The cups are my light celadon singing cups and the green flowery Chabu is a recent creation.
A great high mountain necessarily has a sunshine feeling. In winter the sun feels light and sweet. It almost has a magical healing power to bring back positive energies. Harvested closer to the sun than other Oolongs, Da Yu Ling leaves contain the most refined aromas. That's why they are so sought after. Therefore, the goal is to enjoy their finesse and the power within this finesse. It's for this purpose that I selected my special teapot.
Drinking a long and light brew of Da Yu Ling feels like listening sacred music in an old European church. Every sound, even the faintest, is magnified by the stone walls and seems to rise upwards to heavens. If this tea were brewed too strongly, it would feel like a rock concert when you can hardly here yourself talk anymore.
The long and light brew lets all the nuances come to light. It's so pure, fresh and smooth.
Like winter sunshine, it brings a lasting sense of sweetness. The warmth of the brew gradually turns fresh, reflecting its high altitude provenance. The aftertaste is playful and can be felt not just in the mouth or nose, but in the whole body.

It resonates in the body, like sacred music in old churches resonates with the spirit.

Pure as gold.
1. I've launched my winter specials with reductions ranging from 10% to 25%.
2. The new tea gift is a 25 gr pack of 'subtropical forest' Baozhong of Spring 2014! You receive it for any order above 60 USD, excluding shipping.

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