Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My evolution in brewing tea

Step 1: the bamboo tray
Small and simple. From time to time I still use it when I need a mobile Chaxi (next to my computer, for instance). But this it doesn't happen very often anymore.
Step 2: The big and heavy carved wood tray.
I must have bought it in San-Yi roughly 18 years ago. Every Taiwanese person who was making serious tea had one at that time. The more massive the better, like a SUV!

And like a car, this setup requires a set of tools!

A bamboo scoop for the dry leaves, a long stick/spoon, a clamp and a brush.

The coasters for the cups were also made of bamboo. It was very 'country style'.

I had these 2 squirrels on a peanut as little tea pets, but didn't use them often.
Mostly, I was too busy brushing my teapot and pouring tea in the pitcher and from the pitcher to the cups.
Water was splashing everywhere, so that I was constantly busy with making tea or drying the water that was dripping under the cups.
My best experience  with this method was when I had several friends at my place and I would make tea while talking about life, work, Taiwan...
Step 3: The mandala Chaxi
Thanks to my classes with Teaparker, I've moved on and use now a Chabu to match the tea, the season and/or a feeling. It's simpler and more creative. Tea is at the center and the rest in functional beauty at its service.
I find this method elegant, peaceful and pleasing on every level.
Each tea becomes a unique experience.

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