Thursday, October 06, 2016

Second spring

The autumn season mirrors spring. The temperatures are well-tempered, not too hot and not too cold. Close to hibernation, nature displays its bright colors in an ultimate show. This is the theme of my Chaxi that plays with a background of big flowers on warm green and dry bamboo.

I choose a spring high mountain Oolong from spring 2015. I've let it age in this Ming dynasty qinghua jar. As a consequence, it has lost its agressive freshness faster and its flavors have evolved toward sweeter, deeper scents. As a tea ages, it always looses some of its strength. Aged well, this loss becomes a gain in terms of purity, harmony, smoothness...
The high pitched zhuni teapot intensifies these pure aromas.
The creation of this Chaxi is part of my daily life. Every tea session is different and calls for reinvention. This is a form of 'tea art' (Cha Yi) where fonction and beauty go hand in hand. Yesterday, I found this study that concluded that people who make art see their cortisol levels (=stress) go down! I imagine that you multiply the benefits if your art comes in form of delicious tea that you can drink with a mindful state! 
The second spring finds beauty and pleasure in harmony and purity.

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