Monday, October 30, 2017

Ryan's comment of my spring 2017 wild top puerh

I took these 2 pictures below during a recent session with my wonderful young puerh of spring 2017. I wanted to write another article about it, but you'll find Ryan's perspective much more interesting and refreshing:

"The depth and subtlety of expression present in this tea can easily be overlooked by its raw young power. I believe this tea's most endearing attributes are not the flavors in any given snapshot of time, but in the way they present themselves - even when drinking a single sip - "what it tastes like when".

The first thing that strikes you about this tea is it's power. A wall of gentle bitterness, structure-forming tannins, and an unmistakable herbal-earthy quality - specifically Petrichor. Petrichor is the earthy fresh aroma that comes after a light rain. There is some speculation in the scientific community that this smell is considered so pleasurable because our ancestors depended on rain for survival. 

The initial power of this tea is not necessarily that of complexity (like a young modern factory cake), but of a few harmonious attributes that actually make the flavor taste elegantly simple once you identify each individual taste. 
After the 'power' comes the finesse. There is a subtle aroma-driven flowery and honey-like sweetness that persists for minutes after the initial sip. The structure also starts to change from a frontal bitterness to more of a tannic backbone making it almost feel crisp. This also makes way for a delicate effervescence, especially in later brews.

Even a half-hour after my session with this tea I still taste it and it leaves a fresh, clean feeling in the retronasal passage. Truly a remarkable tea! I can’t wait to see how it transforms with age!"

Thank you, Ryan, for these powerful words!

Let me use this occasion to invite all those of you who brew my teas to share your comments on the respective product page in order to help others choose their teas wisely. You don't have to write a lot or comment every tea you've ordered. We always prefer quality over quantity!

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