Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sheng wild puerh of 1995

Sometimes a video is more useful than a long description. I've tried to show you how I've brewed this particular puerh today. Watching the video, I realize that I let it brew 2 minutes on this first brew. This may seem a long time for many of those who think that gongfucha = short brewing times (for the first brews). Or maybe you're wondering why I don't 'wash' or rinse my leaves (see my answers on this point here). Anyway, the result was excellent in terms of aromas, balance and sweetness.
The pictures show the tea several brews later. It has a beautiful color and excellent clarity. The open leaves fill almost half the volume of the gaiwan only. It's a typical instance where less is more.
This Chaxi was made with:
- this 1995 sheng puerh. It is also available in this gift set.
- this Chabu on top of the black side of a (bigger) classic chabu,
- this mini gaiwan,
- three small porcelain cups,
- this JianShui.
- an Anping jar, a tetsubin and a green plant.

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