Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Phong Nha mountains and caves

It's near Phong Nha that one finds Asia's oldest karst mountains. It's a kind of very dramatic and abrupt mountain that one finds often depicted in Chinese Shan Shui paintings (Shan Shui = mountain and water). We had a wonderful example of such a mountain just right behind the hotel, by the pool:
Morning view
I couldn't resist the urge to enjoy tea at this spot. What tea? High mountain Oolong (from Taiwan), of course!
Fresh Lishan Oolong is a great choice to cool down and drink water on a hot day!
It's an unexpected pleasure to mix what Taiwan and Vietnam do best (tea and tourism)!
In case you wonder what there's to see in Phong Nha, here are some pictures of our boat trip to the cave:
The entrance is big and there's no risk to be stuck here:
The inside of the caves is tall like a cathedral and it extends for almost a kilometer here:
The lighting is very nicely done.
The exit is near. The dark caves are more humid and less cool than we imagined. I'm longing for my next tea drink by the pool!

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