Monday, July 30, 2018

A Dive in my Cool Sea Chaxi

A successful Chaxi is when everything comes together around a common theme:

- The turquoise waves Chabu, shells and corals on top of a white fabric suggest a cool sea.
- The glass jellyfish seems to swim in the water as if we were in the sea.
- The light celadon tea boat, cups and tea jar have matching colors with the lightest turquoise color of the Chabu and add a feeling of freshness. Also, the thin singing cups stress the light taste of the tea.
- The high mountain Oolong from TianChi is from spring 2018, super fresh. Thanks to its top quality, it's a good match for a brew in a silver teapot (and silver is the coolest looking metal!) That way it can be brewed lightly (with few leaves) and still taste very energetic. That's how I obtain a light brew and very refreshing aromas. So, even the way the tea is brewed is considered in relations with my cool sea theme!
- The qinghua mini plate and Jianshui bowl are blue on white. This cool color combination reminds us of a blue sky with very white clouds on a hot summer day.
- The green plant looks like long seaweed floating around!
I feel cooler just by looking at these pictures!
The Oolong tasted particularly refreshing. Its pure high mountain energy echoed the raw power of the blue sea waves...
Creating a Chaxi means creating a world of meaning and harmony. It's a way to transport your mind wherever you wish to go. The Chaxi can also take more personal meaning. Here, the shells remind me of that white sand beach in Kenting where I found them and go every year with my wife and kids. And the jellyfish is both a reminder of the friend who gave it to me and of the joy I have when I dive in the ocean and see the beauty of marine life!


EG said...

Not only do I feel cooler, but also carried by the waves. Everything is movement and light!

TeaMasters said...

Great! Glad you took the plunge!