Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Babooshka Babooshka

I brewed my latest spring 2018 concubine Oolong from Shan Lin Xi 2 days ago, on Kate Bush's birthday! She's the singer of Babooshka, which gave me the idea to link this Russian doll with my Concubine Oolong.
My fondness for Kate Bush comes from the journey back to France from a class trip to London in early 1986. I had bought my first walkman for this trip and, in a tourist market near Piccadily Circus, I purchased some of my first tapes of music: Jean-Michel Jarre's Rendez-Vous and Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. I kept playing these 2 albums during the night of bus travel.
Then, something quite unexpected happened while listening to Kate Bush. The elder sister of a classmate we called Moustique exchanged seats with my neighbor and gave me my first French kiss! I never knew the tongue could trigger so much passion and pleasure! Until then, it was a muscle busy chewing and pushing food down the throat. Who knew it could be so sensitive and salivate to the point I'd feel melting away?!
Thank you Babooshka, my one night little concubine for bringing back this sweet memory!
With gratitude for this awakening to all the pleasures of the mouth...

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