Friday, December 21, 2018

Between light and darkness

With this Chaxi, we can see why each of my Chabu has a black side: black provides a great contrast to tea ware. White cups shine when hit by light on top of black fabric. It's also a good reminder that in the duality of light and darkness, the best part, the colors happen at the edge between them! In this sense, finding the middle of the road between light and darkness means emphasizing the colors! Maybe that's why we like our Christmas decoration bright and colorful during the dark time around the winter solstice! With this Chaxi, the contrast of light and darkness lets the colors come to life! It all starts with the green jade hue of the Qingxin Oolong leaves from BiLuXi, spring 2017. They breathe a Christmas feeling, because these dry leaves have notes of pine trees (which grow around the plantation!)
The brew is cristal clear and the taste is both smooth and deep. The sun shines in the cup and in the leaves. The freshness is still there, but it's the sweetness that dominates.
I decorated this Chaxi with my mother's quilt, because it helps me feel closer to my family in Europe. I also chose it for its snow (I miss snow in Taiwan!) and the nice contrast on the black background. And I also love this picture of 2 people walking through snow to go to a lonely church. Their walk is difficult, but they have a light and can see where they are heading.
 And, believe it or not, I have just realized now that I made these 2 shots at the exact right time: the light coming through the window left this shadow of a cross on this quilt. What a fitting sign for Christmas and this picture in particular!
Have a joyful and colorful Christmas time with sweet and pure Oolong tea!


Kirrie Muir said...

Looks divine.

Michel said...

Wonderfull post Stephane. I enjoy your mothers quilt so much. It is one of my favorite objects i own.