Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More Christmas feeling with my OB from 2000

 The Christmas tree is decorated and ready to serve as a huge bonsai for my Chaxi!
Special moments call for great teas. Here, I brew my top Oriental Beauty from Hsin Chu from the year 2000! When you think about it, this year is particularly full of meaning, because it celebrates exactly 2 thousand birth years of Jesus! But beyond the number of years, the pairing of tea with Christmas works on several levels:
1. a highly oxidized tea that brings warmth in December,
2. an aged tea that has a special aftertaste and complex scents. It is more than what it appears to be. It has an extra, invisible, almost miraculous dimension that fresh teas rarely have.
3. it's aged, but still powerful. It withstands time like the Christmas tradition.
4. its flavors bring joy!
5. its brew is so pure, so perfect! It shines like gold, like a star in the night!
 Imagine you want to celebrate the gift of life and nature with a meal: you wouldn't go to a fast food and bring back a bunch of burgers, fries and soft drinks! Junk food may be convenient, but it would go against the spirit of nature! Think of this logic when choosing a tea for this special time of the year! I recommend avoiding artificially flavored teas, tea bags or mass produced teas...
 With Christmas, we celebrate hope and a promise of redemption for all. This tea gives me a glimpse of what paradise may taste like!

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