Wednesday, July 10, 2019

2019 spring Gushu loose puerh

Loose gushu puerh from spring 2019
With this tea, a 2 years old mystery is solved. This tea comes from the same 500 years old + puerh trees as this 2017 cake and these 2018 dragon balls. The exact origin had to remain a secret as long as possible, so that this remote forest would not see an influx of puerh buyers (and so that prices could stay reasonable). But apparently it's not secret enough anymore and I can disclose that these 3 gushu puerhs come from Jiangcheng county in Yunnan (China).
Guess what's the most suitable teapot to brew a few leaves of a single origin raw puerh of such high quality??
The dragon and phoenix silver teapot has flown from one celadon cup to another and filled them with a gold shining tea. The morning daylight air is already warming up the city. But a spring breeze rises from the cups and says welcome with every atom evaporating in the air.
Getting up at 6 AM is a joy when one is greeted by so much beauty and good tastes. And this tea tastes at least as good as those 2 previous gushu puerhs from the same trees tasted when I first got them!
A glimpse of paradise. Amazed by the purity, sweetness and flower scents in these cups, time passes quickly. Within 15 minutes only one cup remains hit by the rays of the sun.
Below are all the spent leaves (on the black plate) and spent buds (on the qinghua plate) I've used for this Chaxi.
You can find this exceptional gushu loose puerh in 10 gr or 100 gr bags at my new, secure e-boutique. (By the way, I'm going to take a small week off starting tomorrow.)

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