Friday, July 26, 2019

An exceptional subtropical forest Wenshan Baozhong

Wenshan Baozhong Plantation
I've coined this name 'Subtropical Forest Baozhong' over 10 years ago! At that time, Wenshan Baozhong was suffering from the popularity of high mountain Oolongs and most Baozhongs were on a path of imitation and light, flowery flavors. With the 'subtropical forest' name, I wanted to highlight more classical Baozhongs with a higher oxidation level that were better reflections of their environment. 

This name stuck for me, because it both reflects the dark rain forests that are growing around the tea plantations near Pinglin, and the rich subtropical scents of the leaves.

With the 2019 version, it starts with the dry leaves and you'll notice that the first fragrances are actually young dry wood (from a light roast). Then come some fresh citrus notes and a certain lightness. But I was not prepared to what followed.
In the description of this Baozhong, I mention that I was lucky that these leaves got insect bitten. What was a simple fact 2 and a half months ago turned into something amazing. The brew of this subtropical forest Baozhong is mesmerizing with its complex scents and sparkling taste!
This tea has gone a different route than high mountain Oolong, but it feels like it has finally come home! The taste buds are bursting with a phenomenal sweet and sour zest. The overall feeling remains sweet and comfortable.
Was I lucky? Is there a renewal brewing in Pinglin? The quality of the Rougui, Dancong and semi-wild Baozhongs points in this direction... Or is it the swan song of a tea region isolated by a highway that rides through its mountains?
This Baozhong seems to fight on behalf of all twisted leaves against the rolled Oolongs. And it has won, because it has created scents and tastes that are very different from high mountain Oolongs.
Enjoy the sweet beauty of northern Taiwan's subtropical forest in your cup of tea!

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