Tuesday, January 05, 2021

New Year Chaxi video

In case you missed my live New Year Chaxi on FB, you may see it below or on my YouTube channel I'm discussing the various subjects I have to teach so that you may make the most of your tea leaves. During that class, I'm also answering questions I receive. In this video, as Elisabeth puts it, I "expressed my belief that one learns best by raising the level of knowledge gradually and concurrently with each of the tea-related issues: the type of tea, the tea ware, water and boiling, cups, teapot, brewing, Chaxi etc., rather than focussing on only one topic per class."
Elisabeth thought that my French class below "was one of your absolute best. Maybe because you were brewing one of my favourite teas 😉, but more importantly that it was the second version of the same topic and you completely relaxed into teaching. You moved so fluently between the various points, without needing to explain very much, it came together with harmony of thought, technique, and experience. As you said, a vast topic, comprised of many important details." Voyez par vous-même si j'ai été aussi bon que cela dans cette vidéo: J'en profite pour remercier tous ceux qui m'ont envoyé des suggestions de thèmes à développer dans des vidéos en 2021! 
A samedi!

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