Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Reddit influence

I guess you have all heard about the news of the GameStop stock by now. The short squeeze orchestrated by a group of small investors exchanging on Reddit has caused great losses for a hedge fund. It's a great lesson that investing is a very risky business, even for the pros, especially when they use risky tools. Another lesson I see is that when interest rates are at 0% hedge funds can borrow at almost no cost, this creates unhealthy conditions that favor reckless behavior. 

In this story, people exchanging information on Reddit have beaten the pros. The influence of Reddit is real and also touches the domain of tea. This month, I noticed frequent sales of a particular cake. It turns out that the cause for these sales came from someone called The_Karma_Killer who had posted a very entertaining review of 2 puerh cakes from my selection. This is what he had to say about the 2003 private factory 8582 style sheng cake in this post:

I apologize for the profanity in this text. But at least it should convince you that I didn't write these words! It's not my style. However, I pretty much agree with the logic. A tea drinker mostly functions in 2 modes. Either he's focused on tea and he wants to maximize his experience, which means excellent leaves. Or he's not focused on tea, but doing something else, then he wants to maximize value and this means going for tea leaves that are inexpensive and simply enjoyable.

According to this Reddit user, this is where my 2007 Peacock sheng puerh cake from the Kunming Factory is a perfect match:

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