Thursday, July 22, 2021

Hung Shui SiJiChun feedback

This comment from Kelly on FB made my day: 
"I just had the 2020 Hung Shui 'Dong Pian' Oolong from Mingjian sample you sent me and wow! It was gorgeous, the flavour, the relaxed buzz, the smell and experience. My mouth has been watering all day, the taste lingers in the best possible way. I never knew how much I loved Oolongs, thank you for introducing me to a good brew. The stuff I had from other shops was so inferior, and honestly turned me off of Oolongs. So seriously thank you. I hope you're enjoying your summer. Your tea is defiantly helping me enjoy mine."

I'm glad that you've enjoyed this finely roasted Oolong. It's the cheapest in my selection, but it is 20% more expensive than the fresh Si Ji Chun Dong Pian Oolong that is the unroasted version. That's because Hong Pei, roasting, is an art that requires skill, time and therefore has a price. And those who compare the fresh Dong Pian and its roasted version will discover the transformative power of roasting. At first, this roasting process helped to preserve the flavours of the leaves during the long transportation of the tea during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). And it was also a way to refine and add depth to the taste. 

Note 1: these 2 Oolongs (fresh and roasted SiJiChun) are also included in the TeaMaster's sampler for beginners.

Note 2: The online boutique remains open this summer. I might just take a week or so off in August.

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