Monday, July 26, 2021

2003 Spring raw puerh cake feedback


2003 sheng puerh cake

I continue my summer blogging with this feeback I just received today from Vitaly!

"Yesterday, I had my first session of the 2003 puer with friends. To be frank, while the whole purchase was made just to try that tea, I did not expect much for that price. It came as a surprise indeed. I must praise you for your description of the tea in your blog and on the product page - it's 100% precise. And the tea is truly great for what it is, especially the storage - it's just how I like it."

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this 18 years old tea. I'm especially glad that you found my description accurate. I always try my best to explain why a certain tea is worth its price without overpromising.

That being said, this tea has a strong appeal for the nostalgic puerh fans. 18 years ago, they were enjoying these large cakes (357 gr) of fresh sheng at ridiculous prices compared to today's offerings, while aged sheng was already more expensive than new puerh. Here, it's an aged cake priced like a fresh puerh 12 years ago! It's almost like entering a time machine, enjoying the prices of the past and coming back to today to enjoy the aging!!

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