Monday, July 18, 2022

Qilan Baozhong from Spring 2021

Qilan Baozhong from Wenshan
In the high mountains, the variations come (mostly) from the mountain. In Wenshan (northern Taiwan), the variations come (mostly) from the cultivar. And there are more cultivars than there are tea mountains in Taiwan. This is also what makes Taiwan teas so interesting and so difficult to master.
On a hot summer afternoon, I can feel the call for hydration with style.
And since these leaves were picked by hand, it's natural to use your (clean) hand to let them glide in the center of the gaiwan. This sensual touch of the tea is part of the tea experience. 
Pouring just boiled water on Baozhong is gentler than with high mountain Oolong, because the twisted leaves don't need to unfurl as much as rolled leaves.
Staying calm to prepare the tea, one realizes that the cooling starts in the mind. 
A peaceful, quiet and green Chaxi brings down the warmth I felt.
Even before the first sip of tea, the simple action of sitting down for tea and preparing tea in a calm and beautiful way brings comfort and pleasure!
And, after a few minutes, it even brings a delicious cup of Wenshan Baozhong!
Make tea part of your daily routine.
And share the liquid delight with your friends and family!

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