Saturday, February 20, 2016

Raw energy

1999 '7542' raw puerh
It's probably unfair to simply qualify this 1999 raw 7542 puerh from Menghai Tea Factory as 'raw energy' only. After all, it has aged over 16 years already. Its flavors are complex (wood, camphor, earthy notes...). Its taste is rich and surprisingly sweet when it's well brewed.

At the beach, however, there's that one component that really outshines them all: its raw energy translating into a very long, powerful aftertaste!
Whaaoooh! It's good to feel alive and kicking on the beach! With this raw puerh tea, it feels like a communion with the energy of the sea and the sun.
I often drink tea to have a kind of paradise feeling. Pure and simple. So it feels so nice and natural to brew this great puerh when I'm in a paradise like place!
One of my most beautiful vacation moment!
Unforgettable and full of energy.


Evan Meagher said...

Looks like you're having a great vacation! The range of colors in those photos is wonderful.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the post, Stephane! It is indeed full of energy, glowing from the pictures. Could you please share what is your equipment for boiling water outdoors? I would very much like to be inspired by you but I would need some tips how to make it feasible also for long hiking trips when large items tend to be too have to carry. Thanks a lot in advance!

Unknown said...

Dear Stephane, thank you for this inspiring post! Could you share what equipment you use for boiling water outdoors? Is there an option you could recommend for hiking trips, when weight is of issue?

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Evan,

Blue Cats,
Sometimes, I use a Nilu and charcoal outdoors. But on the beach, I usually use a gas stove and a stainless kettle. You probably have to look in a specialized camping/hiking store for a light solution.