Friday, April 08, 2016

When a cup of tea is a trip to nature

This is true of most teas, especially when the leaves are very fresh and loaded with scents of flowers, trees, fruits... But this time I mean it literally! See the lovely plantation of Jinxuan where I recently rested between Zhushan and Shanlinxi.
A warm and sunny day calls for a high mountain Oolong like this one from Tsui Feng. I'm using a fair amount of leaves in order to get the maximum impact. Outdoors, there are so many scents and distractions from the tea that it's best brewed quite strong. That's why it's best to use high quality leaves that will taste good independently of their concentration level.
Boiling water, a gaiwan, 3 cups, 3 Chatuo and a Chabu matching the marble of the table, and the tea is ready to be poured!
This table has a view on the tea plantation: brilliant!
The only way to make this experience an even more complete tea immersion is to take a few steps and enjoy the cup inside the plantation!
The energy and beauty of Oolong is felt. Everywhere.
Pure Tea Happiness.

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