Friday, October 14, 2016

Man in blue strikes gold, by Vandy Rattana

Early October, I went to the mountains to have jassid bitten teas with 2 blog readers. One of them is Vandy Rattana, a professional photographer.
Here are the pictures he sent me after our mountain chaxi among the trees.
I want to thank him for this wonderful gift and this lesson in photography.
The colors are vivid, deep and the frame is simply perfect. 
I'm glad I wore a jeans and a blue shirt! They are clothes I feel comfortable wearing outdoors. And their colors go well with the qinghua porcelain on the chaxi!
The 2016 spring concubine Oolong looks like liquid gold and tasted just as powerful and pure!
The next picture can be interpreted in so many ways:
And after all these pictures of me, it's nice to have also one just with tea and a distant perspective of white clouds, heaven!
Thanks again to Vandy Rattana for sharing these beautiful pictures. I'm glad that my Chaxi inspired him to shoot with so much skill and passion. Merci beaucoup!