Sunday, November 04, 2018

My apologies for the Da Yu Ling Oolong of spring 2018

DYL 93K winter 2018
You don't find it in my selection anymore, because is sold too fast!

That's why I'm relieved that I could add this year's latest winter harvest of this amazing high mountain here. And, like this spring, it is either packaged by 25 gr or by 75 gr.
The dry leaves don't look so big as one might expect. The way to brew this DYL in a gaiwan is to use few leaves and just layer the bottom of the vessel.
This is my result after my first brew. See how the leaves have beautifully expanded and filled the gaiwan:
The taste is more powerful than in spring, but the fragrances are a little toned down. This is typical for a winter harvest. It also has this typical cool aroma of DYL, sweetness and a long aftertaste. Second brew here:
 After the third brew, the leaves fill the gaiwan perfectly. If you move the gaiwan around, the leaves stay like they are. They have all opened up and have the same space to open up and release their flavors. This is a good sign that the brewing was well done. The other evidence is the watering in my mouth. Tea bliss!
This open leaf shows that the harvesters didn't take the big fifth leaf. They stopped at 2 buds and 2 leaves only. That's another reason that explains the quality of this Da Yu Ling, a focus on the youngest and freshest leaves. 

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