Friday, February 18, 2005

Tea and health

I have recently joined 2 tea discussion groups on Yahoo! (Teammail and Tea-disc) and found many valuable information I am still busy reading and digesting. The world of tea is big and I found myself welcome by several new friends. You could also say that such groups are an original version of cooperative blogs.

One information I stumbled upon lately is: "Green Tea's Record Against Cancer Grows". It may be comforting to know that my favorite drink is not bad for my health, but it shouldn't be a news anymore (anybody heard it for the the first time?!) and it shouldn't be the primary reason to drink tea. The article is quite carefully worded and even says: "To get green tea’s potential disease-fighting benefits, studies have suggested that you should drink four cups a day."(!)

From this, it is clear that this kind of research is not aimed at boosting the consumption of tea, but at selling their pills. The article finishes: "Green tea supplements are also available, and at least one study has shown that you may actually get more powerful antioxidants from supplements than from drinking tea".

During all my classes with Tea master Chih, he never mentioned tea's health benefits. Web sites that tout tea mainly for its health benefits probably sell bad tasting tea. You may reluctantly drink medecine prescribed by your doctor, but nobody should feel obligated to drink bad tea when there are so many good ones around.

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour, Stephane!

I am a member of Teamail. Thank you for this magnificent Blog! Your generous sharing of your travels and love of tea will enrich us all.

You are right about the overzealous (and wrongheaded) marketing of tea supplements in the name of "health". Who needs supplements when one can enjoy the pure joy and marvels of tea from drinking the real thing!

And the joy, as you are showing us here, is in the journey of discovering the many remarkable nuances of tea, an experience rarely equaled in the world of beverages.

a bientot, Stephane!