Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tea master Huang De Chang's experience

Teaparker shows us our friend Huang De Chang experimenting how best to store tea.

You can see two almost identical ceramic pots. The one with the colorfull motive is not glazed, and the plain white is. He then analyzes the impact of storing the same tea in these 2 jars on color, smell and taste.
There is no definite answer, which jar is best. It depends on the tea and what you wish to do with it. If you want to keep the freshness of your oolong or green tea, then the glazed jar is recommended. But if you want the tea to continue to ripen, to gain depth, then the unglazed jar will let this happen. But this also comes with the risk of too much humidity (and you then have to lightly 'roast' the tea leaves).
Very interesting...

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