Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tee/tea blogs

Obwohl Bloggen immer populärer wird, findet man noch wenige Tee Blogs im Internet. Nach Teahub/Teatalk (Jan 10, 2005 in Tea Masters), habe ich nur eins auf Deutsch gefunden: Demmers Tee Weblog.

There are many cooking and wine blogs out there, but tea blogs are still few. After an evening of Googling, I only found one : Teaswap.

So, like EGO in 2002, I want your help: "Please inform me if you find a Tea blog in cyberspace!"


eClaire said...

I have a tea french blog in my bookmarks :

J'ai aussi Temae et culture-the qui sont pas loin. Publications régulières mais pas "blog" au sens où on l'entends :

TeaMasters said...

Thanks for the blog. I like their funny teapots at: