Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another lucky day

Monday, I was helping one of my regular blog reader find top quality tea from Taiwan. He likes pu-er a lot. So I went to the dedicated pu er store/warehouse you see in the pictures below to find nice green pu-er for him. This is the place tea master Teaparker took me and fellow tea students on March 21st, 2004, on one of our first field trip. With such an introduction, I knew this is the perfect place for pu-er and happiness. (That's also where I got my zhu-ni hu teapot, by the way)

In life, it always pays off to help others. Hadn't it been for this reader, I wouldn't have gone there that evening. What would I have missed? An opportunity to share two old pu er with two tea masters: one from 1975 and the other so old that the year is unknown! In addition to that, I did find 3 high quality, affordable green pu er cakes for my regular blog reader. I have taken pictures and written tasting notes about them. I shall post them in the coming weeks, first in French, then in English.

If you also need some high quality Chinese teas and trust that I know the good places where to find them, just let me know! It would, indeed, be my pleasure to help you!

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