Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yunnan Qizi Bing Cha, 2004.

Green (raw) small leaves pu-er, 350 gr approx.
First quality plantation tea. The leaves used are a mix of grade 1, 4 and 5. (See the many white young leaves on both sides and on the rim of the cake. Pictures are below)

Dry smell: A very persisting smoky and flowery smell. This strong and young smell will slowly fade and change into sweet over the years.

Color: The liquid is copper orange. Almost like a medium-strong fermented oolong.

Taste: Smoky and also bitter, like a full bodied young red Bordeaux wine. But there is also a persisting taste of orchids and wild flowers. The cha chi is strong: this tea will wake you up and clarify your thoughts.

Advice: This pu er can already be drunk now for his young character, and will appretiate with aging. Be carefull when flaking the cake not to break the leaves in order to reduce the bitterness. This high quality pu er is very powerfull: Use very few leaves per brew.

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