Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Teamasters celebrates 1 year blogging!

For the occasion, I offer you a link to one of Taiwan's best moa zhi company. Moa zhi is a popular rice desert in Asia. It is made with rice and water plus any filling you can think of: peanut, sesame, sweet red beans, tea... You can find them almost everywhere in Taiwan.

But the best come from the east coast, home to many aborigenes. This brand is particularly good because the rice is so fine it just melts in your mouth. Such delicacy would usually come in a small portion at a high price. Not in Taiwan! One such treat weighs 70 grams and costs less than 50 euro CENTS!

I have it now with some oolong! Hummmmmm. A perfect match. It's not overpowering the tea at all. Happy anniversary! See picture below.

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