Friday, August 25, 2006


As I was preparing this post, my blog has reached a new mark, 50,000 visitors! I feel very honored to know so many gongfu cha enthusiasts have made my blog a source of information about Chinese tea. Thank you for your continuous trust and support.

This is also a good time to announce that one of my readers has recently asked me to contribute some articles for a new tea magazine (coming out in October). I'm currently quite busy working on this project and have less time for blogging. But this means an added opportunity to research the world of Chinese teas, and this knowledge will benefit the blog too over time.

My last celebration comes from my latest aquisition of a new hare's fur Jianyang cha zan. I'm definitely done mourning my previous bowl now. This reproduction looks as well made as the previous one I had.


~ Phyll said...

Multiple congratulations, Stephane!

And what a beautiful bowl / replacement!

Tom said...

50000 visitors! Congratulations!
That is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephane,
I'd like to pass on my compliments about your wonderful site, and the insight I've gained about the little-known world of Taiwanese teas. I am a Tea Sommelier myself, but feel humbled by your wonderful insight and acute sensitivity to all things tea. I look forward to visiting your site regularly!