Friday, October 26, 2018

Peace, comfort, sanity, relaxation, refinement, taste

We call it "tea with benefits"! It's not just having tea, but enjoying a moment of peace, comfort after, during or before a rough day. Read the headline news about the world and you quickly long for something to relax and feel sane again. And in a world of food chains and micro-waved industrial dishes, tea is a way to claim back a sense of refinement and good taste. And maybe even health! 
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Top OB from 2000
I find these added benefits very real when the tea is really so natural and good that it tastes amazing and gives much more pleasure than normal food. While I know how much enjoy the teas I've selected, I also appreciate to receive feedback from my customers.

I'm very thankful for Andrew's message from the UK. He wrote: "A few friends have asked me to make some tea samples for them so they can try quality teas. I plan to share some of your quality oolongs with them and hope they can learn to appreciate quality tea like we do. I have been sampling around quite a few oolongs this season from various sources, but honestly what I have tried, none compare to the oolongs you are offering. Thank you for doing what you are doing."

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