Thursday, March 21, 2019


The temperatures reached 30 degrees Celcius today in Taipei: It felt more like summer than spring! That's why I turned to one of the highest Oolong plantations: Da Yu Ling 90K and enjoyed its refreshing aftertaste with hints of alpine forest! It's a tea that shines green and blue... Its fragrances bring me closer to the purest air of the highest tea mountain.
JS Bach was born on this day (in 1685) and this tea feels joyful and allegro like one of his violin sonata. Like Bach's music, Da Yu Ling Oolong flows with grace and energy, aiming for the divine!
The new spring season is going to unleash new energy in nature. Stones will be stones, big trees will grow a little and new green leaves will appear. Time does not have the same impact on nature. Leaves are the most sensitive to springtime and its energy. Within weeks, tiny buds will appear and turn into big, mature leaves. We can just marvel how the Oolong process turns these tender leaves into hard little 'stones' and how well spring's freshness and aromas are preserved in them!

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