Thursday, May 02, 2019

Tea news

Spring is a busy time for tea bloggers. The sun shines longer, but the articles become shorter!

1. I have come back from Alishan with some great harvest pictures, and 2 spring teas: a Jinxuan Oolong and a Qingxin Oolong. The Qingxin was harvested on April 29th and is already available on May 2nd! For Wenshan Baozhongs and other high mountain Oolongs, it will take more time until they are available. Thanks for your patience.

2. The Podcast I did with Ken Cohen of Talking Tea while I was in NYC has been released. You may listen to me discussing Chaxi: Harmony, Art & Expression in Tea.
3. This may be a good time to remind my readers that if you like the content of this blog, the pictures I post on my Photo blog or Instagram, the best way to support my work is with a purchase on the boutique. The teas I source in Taiwan are of great quality and my Chabu are made by hand exclusively for my boutique. And there are many benefits when you order from my boutique: free tea postcards, free samples (above 60 USD), free shipping (above 100 USD) and free eBooks about tea (starting at 60 USD orders)...
I'm very grateful for the support I receive all around the world!


小 約翰 said...

Great job on "Drinking Tea" You should Pod-Cast or a channel on Twitch .. cheers john

Hammockman said...

The postcards sent went on to cardstock. This made them into a foldable card with an envelope. Good way to share the exotic, Asian culture.