Friday, December 13, 2019

Funky Dancong Shuixian from Taiwan

This Shuixian Dancong from Wenshan, in the north part of Taiwan, is unlike any other Baozhong or Taiwanese Oolong. It was made in the manner of Phoenix Dancong, using the same cultivar, but grown and processed in Taiwan. 
And it is a very powerful tea! The main reason for its quality and power are the young leaves. They are all very tender and I can only advise to use a small amount and to brew this Oolong lightly. 
 The result is truly astonishing, crisp and a little astringent with very funky, fruity notes that are typical of Dancong Oolong.
The special flavors are the inspiration for my pictures. Was it luck or this amazing December light? These pictures really capture the Advent spirit!... I don't have much to add.
 Below, we can see just how tender and lightly oxidized the single leaves are. So beautiful!
 The tea world is amazing! There are always new flavors to discover, new teas to try. And there's a tea for every mood. And I'm glad that I can give you access to all these wonderful Oolongs, red teas, aged puerhs... that I'm enjoying!

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