Friday, September 19, 2014

The Tea Masters guide to brewing Oolong tea

After 12 years of learning with Teaparker, 10 years of blogging over 1600 posts, I have written a short guide of 16 pages (5000 words) to help you brew Oolong tea. My goal was to summarize my gongfu cha technique and tricks in one document. Some of the content has appeared here or there on the blog before, but there are also new insights that should interest both beginners and advanced brewers.

So far, it's available as an e-book in pdf format. Its price is 3 USD, but I will give it for FREE for any order of tea over 60 USD made on my online tea-masters boutique, starting today.

Note: J'ai commencé à traduire ce guide en français!


Steph said...

Congratulations, and thank you! I think this will be a wonderful resource.

Unknown said...

This is an incredible guide! It is truly wonderful to be able to refer to a single source that is essentially the culmination of more than a decade of intense study in Gongfu Cha. I particularly enjoyed the amount of practical advice and brewing techniques outlined to brew different specific types of oolong. I have only been studying Gongfu Cha for a year, and I used to brew oolong using very vague guidelines that I have learned, such as always using a strong first pour for all balled oolongs. It wasn't until you, Teaparker, and Palina came to Penn State this spring, did I began to realize the small variations in technique tailored for a specific tea is the difference between a great cup and an amazing one. It is great that I can now go to a single resource to get all of the tips and tricks in the endless pursuit of mastering Gongfu Cha. I would be surprised if there is a more comprehensive and complete guide to brewing oolong in the English-speaking world! Thank you Stephane, this is what I have been looking for for quite some time!

PM said...

Congratulations ! I have just read this guide and although I do not have the expertise of Ryan Ahn (comment above ), I felt the same way. This seems to be a very valuable, very detailed yet brilliantly succinct PRACTICAL guide that would enable a determined beginner to make good progress quickly.

Now comes the inevitable request : Please would you do the same for PUERH ? As you know, in the land of puerh, I am entirely lost, and perhaps many others too ?

TeaMasters said...

Thanks for all your comments! I'm glad you find it interesting and useful.

Is Paola alone in thinking I should also do such a guide for puerh? Please let me know!

EG said...

Stéphane, this is not just an instructive guide, but also an awakening of beauty and imagination in tea preparation and tasting. The Chaxi-Mandala is a simple but profound idea to explore, very generously shared.

Phoenyx said...

Thanks for this guide.

Such a guide for puerh would be great !

Unknown said...

Hi Stéphane..

Thank you for making this clear instructive guide. It has great tips and I learned a lot. Going to be busy to enhance my skills.

Again I would like to thank you for the quick respons, when I asked my question!

All the best,

Greetings from Belgium! Kelly