Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10 in Taiwan

Late 80s Jingua Gongcha
Today, October 10, is the National Day of the Republic of China (R. O. C.) on Taiwan. 103 years since the Qing dynasty has been overthrown in 1911. This explains why the decades are counted with 11 years of delay in Taiwan. (The nineties finished 4 years ago only, for instance). This can create some confusion for tea buyers. When the Taiwanese merchant says a tea is from the 80s, it actually means from 1991 to 2000!
A holiday is always a good reason to drink a special tea. So, I chose the Jingua Gongcha I recently presented. But this time, I'm using an Yixing zisha Junde teapot. The teapot has a nice softening effect on the brew. The temperature of the brew is also higher and gives me more time to take pictures while waiting for the tea to cool down in the cups. This makes a teapot more suitable for the cooler seasons.
I also feel now more inclined to replace the bamboo plant (summer) with these mini pine leaves (winter).
This plant is also reflected in the Cha Tuo

The qualities of this old shu puerh really shine on a grey and rainy day. All of a sudden, it feels warm and cosy!

This tea scores 10/10 today!
I wish that you'll also taste a 10/10 tea this weekend!

I leave you with a few more pictures that better translate the peace and beauty of this tea moment than my words would:

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Joël said...

Un thé que je me réjouis de commander lors d'une prochaine commande (bientôt).