Thursday, November 28, 2019

Turning tea into wine!

Since I've taken classes in the Tea Sommelier course, I have opened much fewer bottles of wine! The classes didn't say that tea should replace wine, but that tea is an alternative pairing option to wine and that you can even use both tea and wine in order to have more pairing options. However, since this is a new field of experimentation, I find myself so busy and excited tasting tea with my meals that I only seldom open a bottle!

And since today is Thanksgiving, I thought I'd share a great tea for pairing with poultry: fresh high mountain Oolong! The powerful light flavors of Oolong go well with the light flavors of the white meat of turkey or chicken. And then there's the fun of finding which high mountain is the best fit!

It's the 17th year since I've started to learn about tea and there are still new things to learn and explore! This is something I'm grateful for. And I also wish to thank you all who read my blog and support my tea journey thanks to your purchases on (By the way, I'm glad I was eventually able to upgrade to a better eBoutique platform this year). I am also very thankful for the renewed opportunity to teach at Penn State in the spring and to meet tea friends in NYC! I also wish to thank all of those who come to have a tea class with me in New Taipei City, because the more I drink good teas, the more I enjoy sharing them!!

Note: tomorrow is Black Friday and I have 20 teas and 20 accessories on sale, free shipping starting at 100 USD and free samples (see here for more details). And I also have free eBooks! My latest is a short story taking place in ancient China: Emperor Fei's Dream of Tea.

Happy Thanksgiving!
(Note: on these Ming dynasty De Hua porcelain cups, you can find the character 'tea' on one side and 'wine' on the other side of the cup. This shows that early on the Chinese have switched from wine to tea effortlessly and used the same cups!)

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