Wednesday, August 10, 2005

1975 Jin Gua Gong Pu Erh Cha

This 500 gr pu er 'golden pumpkin' dates from 1975 and is made of small, tender tea buds only. The first picture shows this particular shape, used for special occasions and only the best grade leaves.

The second picture shows the tea flaked and ready to be brewed. You can now see that the buds are quite small. This is the oldest tea my puerh source has in stock. He was kind enough to give me this little sample to try at home.

The third picture shows 3 brews of different length and the open leaves. The colors are amazing in the afternoon sun. But in reality it looks even better. The tea shines all his years.

Tomorrow, I will report how it tasted compared to the 1990 Jiang Cheng wild pu er brick.


Bertrand said...

Hello Stéphane,

Tu as déguster un thé qui est presque de mon age... Je suis de 1976.

A Bientôt

Steph said...

Beautiful! What were the steep times?

TeaMasters said...

Pour Bertrand: je dirais même plus: c'est toi qui a presque l'âge de ce thé!

For Steph: I used different steep times ranging from 1 to 5 minutes approximately to obtain the different colors.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful specimen Stephane,
The color of the liquor is so transparent. I bet it is a rejuvenating moment!
I heard someone said to look for a green rim for these kind of puerh....
What does that means? Maybe something to do with the aging time or the quality of the leaves?
I kind of see it in your picture.

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Timothy. But I have no idea what it means either.