Friday, August 26, 2005

Super Pu-erh collector

That could be the second name of Mr. Hsu. Why?

He's not a tea dealer, just a fan, a collector. Over 10 years ago he bought a set of qizi bing, 7 puer cakes, for NTD 60,000 (1,875 USD). People told him he was crazy. His goal was just to buy good tea to let it mature and later drink it. His pleasures are simple: staying at home and drinking good aged tea. He jokes with his friends that he has appointments with 20-30 years old girls (tea)!

Over the years, the original seller tried to buy the tea back from him. (They had found customers prepared to pay a small fortune). He finally agreed last year. He sold the 7 cakes for 1 million New Taiwan Dollar (31,250) or 16 times more.

His advice: research, understand the tea and the market. Buy a larger quantity to get a better deal and only spend what money you can afford. And don't do it with profit in mind, but for the pleasure of drinking.

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