Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Chinese Father's Day!

August 8 is Father's Day in China. Why? Because eight is pronounced Ba, and the 8th Day of the 8th month is... Ba Ba Day!

How did we celebrate? With good food, of course. So we went to Din Tai Fong, Taiwan's best dumpling restaurant.
They are freshly made in the kitchen for everybody to see, and then steamed in round bamboo baskets. Hummmm. With the meal, they serve (free) jasmine tea of good quality.

For a gourmet restaurant featured in international restaurant reviews, Din Tai Fong is really affordable (less than 10 USD per person). That also explains why it's so crowded. I recommend to avoid peak hours and holidays. Otherwise you may easily wait half an hour in the heat of Taipei (37.3 degrees during our wait).

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Anonymous said...

There's one in Arcadia here. =]

I totally forgot about father's day until my parents came home with an ice-cream cake with "Happy father's day" written in chinese on it. It was funny because the writing was so terrible - I think they made the white guy behind the counter do it.