Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Surf the waves

Da Yu Ling Oolong
This blue waves Chabu is one of my favorites for the summer. I've used it before with cooler light and the harmony of the whole Chaxi had made that tea experience stand out from the others.

Here, with the same Chabu, but with much warmer late afternoon sunshine, the feeling is very different. It was fitting to use a Zhuni teapot instead of a silver one. The bamboo mat below the Chabu looks very much like sand! And the glass Cha Tuo added the distorted transparency you experience when you look at the water under the sea!
The rounder texture of the tea with the Yixing teapot provides a little bit less freshness, but more roundness and sweetness. The high mountain energy felt more relaxed, but still very intense, reaching every cell in your body. Brewing high mountain well is an exercise of balance. You must know what you are doing and catch the right moment to empty the content of the teapot without spilling any drop of tea on the Chabu. It may not seem as impressive as surfing on a wave, but if you do it perfectly, you may experience a similar satisfaction!
There's only one way to surf well: practice often! It's the same with tea.

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