Tuesday, November 06, 2012

2 dragons fighting for a ball

This porcelain cup could be the metaphor for what's happening in the USA today! 2 powerful persons aiming to catch the moon (a white house with its Oval Office).
In China's history, transitions from one dynasty to another were settled with wars and blood. Having power transferred from father to elder son was almost an improvement! At least the country remained at peace.

Democratic selection of leaders is real progress. It's peaceful and reflects the will of the people. And if today's choice doesn't play out as hoped, in 4 four years the people can make a different choice. This is true for both the left and right (dragon). This also makes accepting defeat easier, and should tamper the enthusiasm of the winners.
What is true about choosing the winning dragon is even truer with high quality tea. Competition and choice continue to expand thanks to the Internet and global travel. Tea drinkers used to choose from 1 or 2 tea shops in their town. Now, a multitude of sellers, bloggers and Internet shops offer an almost infinite choice. And if people are not happy, they can easily let others know about it in forums, on their blogs...

Each order you send me is a vote of confidence for me and this blog. Thank you so much.
 And God bless the United States of America!


Steph said...

Great analogies and photos!

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Steph!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thank you for the blessing!
A gorgeous cup!