Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter top lily flower Wenshan Baozhong

 A very dry and cool month of October has caused tea trees in Wenshan to grow fewer leaves than usual. These tough conditions have reduced the yields of the winter season. But the leaves that managed to grow are of very good quality. This is especially the case for the qingxin Oolong (luanze) cultivar, one of the few tea trees that can grow well in high altitude (where it's also cold and dry). That's the reason why you can see so many winter Baozhongs back on my updated selection! 

Cultivar: Qingxin (luanze) Oolong
Origin: Wenshan, northern Taiwan
Harvested by hand on October 22, 2012.
Process: lightly oxidized, unroasted Baozhong.

Test brewing: 3 grams for 6 minutes in porcelain.

The dry leaves appear a little bit smaller than usual. Their color is bright and green. The scent reminds me of fresh lavender.

The brew has a very good clarity and light green/yellow color.

The tea tastes very light, sweet and fresh. The fragrances are flowery and bright. To me, it tastes a little bit like a marshmallow melting in the mouth.The sweet aftertaste lingers calmly for a long while. It's very delicate.

The open leaves are very small and contain many buds. No wonder this Baozhong tastes and smells so light, fine and fresh!
Winter 2012 Top 'lily flower' Baozhong


Steph said...

That top photo is like a mental breath!

TeaMasters said...

Thanks Steph.
Drinking a good Baozhong has the same effect!

Rist Van de Weyer said...

Came home today, opened your package and tried this tea. It's as delicate and crisp like a snowflake. Would love to do a 'snow cha xi' with this tea.