Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The year 2015 in 12 pictures

Another wonderful year has passed at great speed! Before this blog completes a 12 year cycle in 2016, let's look back at some of the great moments that were captured by my Nikon D5000.

Here are the 12 months of 2015 in 12 pictures. Please let me know your favorite on FB by liking the one you prefer. This will help me decide which one to print as a postcard.

December: 15e jour de l'Avent, journée internationale du thé
November: Dong Ding du printemps 1980
October: Universe tea - San Hsia 100 years tea fragrance and poetic music
September: Jumping from Da Yu Ling to the moon
August: Wenshan Baozhong et jardin d'Alsace
July: Prag, 1st Oolong Brewing Workshop
June: Gathering for tea in NYC's Bryant Park
May: Da Yu Ling, sorrow and joy
April: Watching tea grow
March: Learn to distinguish between green and Oolong tea
February: Unfold the red carpet
January: Epiphanie 2015: an epiphany
Que de beaux souvenirs pour 2015! Il y eut tant de rencontres (William, Lydia Gautier, les étudiants du Tea Institute à Penn State, des amis de NYC, les stages d'Alsace et de Prague, mes étudiants hebdomadaires...), de voyages et de grands thés! Merci de partager mes découvertes et les sublimes saveurs de mes thés

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Unknown said...

I love the March photo, it looks very natural and simple. Just like a tea it looks simple but yet has amazing health benefits.