Friday, December 02, 2016

7542, Pure puerh power

Enjoying the qi of 7542 raw puerh
"Ever heard of Cha Chi?" is an article I wrote in 2005 and I've noticed that it continues to be read on a regular basis. New tea drinkers seem to have a hard time to understand this concept of energy felt in the body. It doesn't fit well with Western teachings about biology. Cha qi can sound more esoteric and spiritual than physical when someone tries to explain it.

So, the best way to learn about Cha Chi (qi) is to first experience it! This is one thought I had today as I was enjoying this wonderfully powerful raw 7542 Menghai puerh from 1997. Even with just a few grams, this cake delivers the effect that so many long for when they are brewing tea.


Unknown said...

Any particular reason for your choice of teapot? It looks to be wood fired
which I don't see used too often.

TeaMasters said...

Well observed! This teapot is indeed wood fired and isn't Yixing. It was made by David Louveau and such clay is more porous, and the sound of the pot is low. Such a clay is a good fit for a very powerful puerh tea. It helps mellow and round the aromas and taste.

Unknown said...

Interesting. I never knew other clays offered greater porosity than
Yixing. It certainly is a beautiful piece. Thanks for the info!