Thursday, December 08, 2016

The gift of feedback

Thanks to Teddy, I will be able to finish this article in no time. (The pictures are from my morning tea, a roasted Yancha brewed on a new version of this pine and bamboo Chabu.)

The following text is a feedback that Teddy sent me after receiving his latest tea order:

"The Da Pang Green Tea from Hsin Chu was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Having only ever heard of jassid bitten teas from Hsin Chu I was curious to see the difference between the flavors of the cultivar and terroir and what flavors come from the jassids themselves. Each brew entered the mouth fresh and creamy then left a soft, lasting sweetness reminiscent of the rich honey of oriental beauty."
I was especially excited for the Jade 18 Red Tea from Sun Moon Lake. About a year ago I tried a sample of another Jade 18 red tea from ZZZ and was blown away by the unique flavor of the cultivar. The first time I brewed it, the tea was very pungent, tasting almost like cough syrup. I did not anticipate the strength of the tea and had both overdosed and overbrewed the tea. Every cup after that first brew I have always loved the strong but gentle sweet and spicy flavors of this cultivar. The lotus qinghua teapot performed lovely with this tea! 
The last tea that I have had the chance to brew is the one I had been anticipating the most! Ever seen reading about the Zhou Yan oolong from Shan Lin Xi, I have been excited to enjoy the most interesting tea of the year. I don't think I can describe it any better than how you did on your website. The sweetness from the jassids, the gentle roast, and the soft strength of the high mountain all worked so well together to create an amazing cup of tea. The rich creamy mouthfeel reminded me of liquid caramel. Altogether it is simply an impeccable tea."
Thanks for sharing these notes with me, Teddy! I'm so glad that the teas lived up to your high expectations. Your satisfaction means is the best gift I can receive!

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