Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 articles of 2016

Did you feel 2016 was unexpected and full of surprises? 2017 will probably become even less predictable. In troubled times like this, Chinese scholars of the Ming dynasty would turn to tea and poetry to create moments of harmony. I have a feeling we'll need a lot of good leaves to make it through next year!

In order to get into this top 10, an article had to collect 2000 views according to Blogger's stats (60% more than last year!). This shows the impact of joining Facebook last year! Thank you for all your support and interest. Tea enjoyment and knowledge go hand in hand. Here are this year's top 10 articles:

10. Morning and evening light. Pay attention to details: morning and evening light differ.
9. The spring 2016 Oolong harvests. Excellent quality thanks to a long and cold winter.
8. Lekker lekker. Josefien comes for an Oolong tea class.
7. Désherbage dans les plantations. Une étape importante dans la culture du thé.
6. Purity and Wucha feeling. The ultimate tea pleasure is not feeling the tea (at first)!
5. 33 years old white tea. The joy of aged tea.
4. Vacation in Alishan. Taiwan's summer escape, the realm of old cypresses.
3. From bitter to sweet, 3 tea classes. Studying water, tea leaves and teapots.
2. Encore. Commémorer les morts d'une nouvelle attaque terroriste avec du thé.
1. The making of Bai Wen Red tea. All the steps of a red tea production in Songboling, Nantou.

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EG said...

You can measure the readings, but you can't measure the effect on the reader! You have no idea how these blog posts influence my enjoyment and efforts with tea, even if I don't always comment. I will often remember a few words and go back in time to find and reread. Though at such a distance, I consider you my best teacher!