Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday tea class

What's the right teapot size for Wuyi Yan Cha?
Here's a familiar situation at our tea class. Every week, we take turns to set up a Chaxi. And then, when we are all set, we often find out that the teapot we've brought is not a good fit for the tea we're going to brew. So, Teaparker lends a different teapot to the student. Here, a tiny old zhuni Baotai to brew a WuYi Yan Cha.

Even after 13 years of weekly tea classes, I still feel there's much to learn. Today, for instance, we tasted a raw puerh mix: spring 2012 + fall 2013 leaves. It took considerable concentration to notice the 2 different aromas. It was easier to recognize the difference in the spent leaves. The spring leaves had a lighter hue and were thinner. It's always a good idea to look at the spent leaves to see if the leaves are all the same or if they are a mix of different teas!
Small is always right, even for 8 people!

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