Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Expressing my gratitude to you, my dear blog readers and tea customers, is one of the articles I enjoy writing the most. I feel so privileged and lucky to receive your support for an activity, my tea hobby, that became my career by chance. And with all the challenges we faced this year with the global pandemic, I feel even more grateful for how this year turned out.   
All of sudden, most of the countries on the planet stopped accepting shipments from Taiwan. Luckily, the US, the UK and France never put any restrictions.
Tea friends from countries where I can't ship have placed orders in my shop nevertheless! Those who decided to cancel their orders did so very reluctantly, but never complained. And many have simply chosen to wait for the situation to get back to normal. Thank you so much for your immense patience and understanding!
In one instance, Alex in Canada even helped to organize a group shipment with Fedex before EMS was allowed again in Canada. I sent him a large package containing teas for 5 people and he reposted each individual package locally. Thank you again, Alex, for your help!
During the lockdown, Branislav, a reader in Slovakia suggested I join the ranks of those making videos from home. This would entertain people, teach them about tea and let them enjoy a peaceful activity that is best practiced at home: brewing tea! Thank you Branislav! 
This fall, I have switched from randomly timed videos to live tea classes on Facebook every Saturday morning 10 AM in Taiwan. (That's 9 PM on the US East Coast on Friday evening). And I repeat the class in French in the afternoon (le matin en France). Later, I post the videos on my YouTube channel
The subject for my next class will be "Celadon Porcelain". And since we're now in the Christmas season, I decided to spice up my next 4 tea classes: I will give away a tea sample for FREE (shipping on my also) during each tea class. I will ask a question at the end of the class and you will be able to answer it if you have listened to the class. The first person who gives the correct answer in the comment section will win the tea sample. Each week it will be a different tea. I'll announce the tea at the start of the class.
And while I am on the subject of YouTube, Facebook, Blogger and other social networks, I want to give thanks to all of you who subscribe to my channels. As with tea, what's really important is the quality of the people who follow and read me, not the quantity. That's why I don't spend anything on Google, Facebook or IG ads. Even the Newsletter I send every quarter approximately is a free service! I prefer to spend my 'marketing' budget on postcards and free samples for you! By the way, right now the gift for a 60 USD+ order is a 25 gr sample of Dong Pian SiJiChun Oolong. And for a 200 USD+ order, it's a roasted Wenshan Baozhong from Spring 2018
Winter 2020 Shan Lin Xi Qingxin Oolong






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