Thursday, November 19, 2020

Winter 2020 High Mountain Jinxuan Oolong

This Jinxuan Oolong comes from RuiFeng in the MeiShan county in the AliShan region. The harvest happened on November 8th, 2020. It is a very lightly oxidized Oolong, full of high mountain freshness.

I have received words of praise from customers for my previous Alishan Jinxuan, because it tastes very fine and much better than what they can find locally. 

Here I'm preparing it in this large Yixing Zhuni Baotai teapot. It's an ideal Oolong for a large teapot and for a large group of  people, since it's very affordable (25 USD for 150 gr).
With such a freshness, clear and beautiful color and fine sweet taste, it has a 'whaooh!' effect. My friend asks what I've just brewed. I wear my best poker face and say 'A very expensive Da Yu Ling!' And I watch with delight that he's buying it! Then I say, 'No, it's the Alishan Jinxuan I just found last week!!'
The transparency, the shine, the color. The brew's view speaks for it. It looks so beautiful on this holiday season Chabu! 
And the flowery fragrances and mellow taste also could fool you, even if you use a porcelain gaiwan!
The trick to achieve a perfect result is to follow my Oolong Brewing Guide (which you receive for free for any order of 60 USD or more) and to use a little bit more leaves than you would with a Qingxin Oolong. (This time, I measured how much I used: 10 grams for this 265 ml teapot).
Christmas is coming... This high mountain Jinxuan could be the perfect little gift (5 USD for a 25 gr sample) to your friends and family. It will let them discover the beauty of hand picked high mountain Oolongs from Taiwan. 
Top quality Oolong starts here!

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