Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Top 10 articles

I hope all your wishes came true for Christmas and that you received all the nice Oolongs, aged puerhs and teapots that you've dreamed of! (If not, check my online tea boutique!) And if you have any tea question, I've joined Facebook this year to make it easier to contact me. Let's now see which 10 articles were the most read this year. They all gathered over 1200 views according to Blogger (20% more than last year! Thank you!)
Wenshan Baozhong, spring 2013
10. Prag, 1st Oolong Brewing Workshop. Teaching tea lovers how to properly brew Oolong with a gaiwan and without a pitcher.

9. Adapt your brewing to the tea, so that your technique expresses the character of the leaves.

8. Is tea pairing pretentious? when food and wine pairing is so common...

7. What is Hung Shui Oolong? if not one of the most complex, refined and delicious Oolong?

6. Dream Job: watching tea grow in the mountains of Alishan.

5. The dark side of Shan Lin Xi is ready to join the force!

4. The Tea Institute at Penn State's Yixing teapot Exhibition from April 23 to 26.
3. 2001 Xiaguan Tea Factory Jingua puerh, un rare puerh shu (cuit) au goût moelleux et clean!

2. Learn to distinguish between old and fake old raw puerh, because knowledge is power and the truth will set you free!

1. Prag. Day 2. Tea House owners workshop and why I don't rinse my teas. (This is also the article with most + on Google+ (7)).


H.Gerber said...

Lovely post, and glad you are on facebook. Much gratitude from here,

Gwen said...

#1 article was also one of my top picks! Looking forward for more amazing posts this 2016!